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Finances are tight for any family that does not make above $50,000 a year. Even in two-income households, $60,000 year is considered poverty level in some states. Imagine that! Most single-parent homes rarely come close to that kind of cash, so when your son or daughter gets into some serious legal trouble, what are you going to do? Take a closer look at your finances, the bail set for your child, bail bonds, and the repercussions that could happen with bail bonds to determine what is the most feasible route for you and your family. 

Your Finances

Families who end up with a working parent in jail often have to find a way to spring the working parent. Otherwise, there is no income coming into the family unit unless the other parent can instantly find a job. In your case, it is lucky that you are not the one facing jail, but that it is your adolescent child. While your child is still your responsibility, it is also in your best interest, and the interest of the rest of your children, to examine your finances and decide if you can pay the bail amount or get a bail bond.

Bail Amounts and Bail Bonds

When bail is set too high, and you have nothing left of value that you have not sold already to make ends meet, a bail bond might help. Yet, a bail bond is also often still too much for most families. You have to choose the bail bond or leave your child sit in jail.

Finding a Way to Get the Bail Bond and Bond Repercussions

There are at least six different ways you can back a bail bond. If you are desperate to have your child released from jail, putting up your car, your house, stocks, bonds, and even jewelry might be an option. The only problem with this is that there are repercussions to securing the bail bond with things of value.

If your teenager decides to run away instead of stay with you and go to another court hearing, you could lose whatever it is you used to secure the bail bond. You do not want to lose your child, but you also do not want to lose your car or your house! If the choice is spending a couple days in jail versus money and possessions you do not have, you may be inclined to let your child sit in jail. If the jail time is going to be brutally long because court cases are backed up, you should consider the bail bond just as a means of protecting your child from things that can happen in a detention center or jail. To learn more about bail bonds, contact a company like valencia bail bonds.