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Easter Baskets with a Twist: 4 Types of Collector Coins to Add to the Easter Bunny's Stash

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Easter is a great holiday that is filled with surprises and a lot of different ways to treat children. Along with giving children eggs filled with candy and treats, you can also turn the holiday into a great time for spreading a little education and giving children something new to collect. As you plan out an Easter basket design, you can use and fill plastic eggs with a variety of coins.

Kids love to get regular coins like dimes and quarters, but you can also supply them with coins from all over the world. Use this guide to help come up with themes and inspiration for your Easter basket treats.

Animal Themes

Many Easter baskets are filled with items like stuffed animals and candy shaped like animals. It is easy to find bunny and rabbit stuffed animals or edible chocolates. If this is a theme that you are going with, then you can expand on it with some coins from around the world.

For example, in Europe, a special coin was released with an image of Peter Rabbit on it. This type of coin would be great for an Easter basket. It could easily fit inside the egg and provide a fun collectible.

Other animal coins are also available. For example, you could give your child a stuffed panda for the holiday and pair with a Panda coin from a nation like China. There are hundreds of animal coins released all over the world. This makes it easy to contact a coin dealer and find the exact type that you are looking for.

Heritage Coins

An Easter basket can also be a great way to sneak a little education into the holiday. Along with teaching children about coins from all over the world, you have the ability to teach them a little about their family and where they came from. When shopping for world coins, you can find special coins that represent countries from where you ancestors came from.

Not only can you purchase current coins, but you can easily find antique coins that represents your heritage even more. If your child becomes more interested, then they can look up more information about the country and your family tree.

Colored Coins

Easter is a very colorful holiday. You do not have sacrifice the colors when shopping for special coins. There are a number of international coins available with colored designs on them. The coins themselves are made with the same materials, but all of the designs have custom paint applied to them.

When shopping for colored coins, you can find a number of collectibles that feature pop-culture designs. For example, if your child loves superheroes, then you can purchase a colored coin featuring a superhero or a heroic symbol. This includes popular heroes like Batman and Captain America among others. Other areas of pop-culture colored coins include television shows, movies, and classic cartoons.

Surprise Coins

No matter what type of coin you purchase, you can turn it into a great Easter surprise. Instead of just placing the coin inside of the egg, you can hide it in the basket and create a mini-hunt with the presents alone. For example, if you purchase chocolate coins, you can hide the real coin among them.

You can also place the coin among plastic basket grass so that it is hidden. You can leave a clue about the coin inside an egg. This can create a really fun game for you and your children to play. They will feel like the world coin is a special piece of treasure once it is discovered.

If the gift is a success, you can make the coin eggs an annual tradition that is given every Easter. For more information about world coins for sale, contact other coin collectors or suppliers.